The Germans made pouches to hold ammo.

Karabiner 98 Edit


The Karabiner 98 Ammunition pouch

These box-like cases were worn around the belt, usually two per soldier. A fitting at the top of the pouch hooked into the suspender straps, allowing them to attach to the pouches rather than the belt.

The M1909 Infantry ammunition case had 3 conjoined pouches which could carry four 5-round clips per pouch, making 60 rounds per case (12 x 5-round clips). Each pouch had a divider in the middle and metal clips to secure the ammunition clips point down in the pouches.

The thinner M1911 Mounted ammunition case also had 3 pouches but could carry only two 5-round clips per pouch, making 30 rounds per case (6 x 5-round clips). The M1916 Mounted ammunition case was an improved version made of thicker leather. This later became the standard issue ammo case after 1933.

Pre-World War One cases were originally made of pebbled brown leather with polished brass fittings. These features were replaced on a continuum from 1915 onwards, ending with smooth black leather cases with blackened steel fittings. Late war models used ersatz materials like vulcanized fibre in the place of the leather.

MP38/40 Edit

The MP38/40 ammunition pouch was similar to the American submachine gun ammo pouches with leather straps instead of buttons for connectors. Each pouch had 3 cells which could hold 1 magazine each. They were usually made out of canvas or cotton cloth with leather fittings. A small pouch was attached to the side of one ammunition pouch to contain the magazine reloading tool.

The Gray MP40 Ammo Carrier

StG44 Edit

The StG-44 ammo pouches were similar to the MP40 pouches but were bulkier. Like the MP40 pouches they held 1 magazine per cell and one pouch had a small reloading tool pouch on the side.

StG44 Gray Heer Ammo Carrier

Gewehr 43 Edit

The Gewehr-43 ammo cases were much like the Karabiner 98 cases except they were bulkier. That is because they carried 10-round detachable box magazines rather than stripper clips. Each ammo case had two pouches that could carry two magazines each.

The G43 ammo box

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